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Born and raised in Hamburg, I became a so called mediadesigner for picture and sound with work in the eng/tv sector, after finishing school .
Following that I attended a one-year filmmaking course in New York City. Back in Germany I was a lighting/camera-grip trainee with ARRI Rental in Munich and a camera trainee with MBF Filmtechnik in Hamburg. In 2009 I started practising the arts & crafts of steadicam with my friends and mentors at xinetix steadicam rental in Hamburg.
Starting my motion picture working life, I was a camera assistant and videographer in the eng/tv sector and a runner/production assistant for tv ads. After that I worked as a lighting assistant, 2nd camera grip, 2nd assistant camera/clapper-loader, data-wrangler, DIT and 1st assistant camera/focus-puller on all kinds of sets (no-budget/low-budget, student films, music videos, tv ads, episodic tv shows, tv series, german tv and theatrical features, big budget international features).
find my cv / filmography at:
Steadicamoperator _ Der Bergdoktor
Steadicamoperator _ Sibel & Max
Fire Lowmode _ Der Bergdoktor
In the Snow _ Shifting the Blame
Steadicam _ Sibel & Max
Boxring _ Sibel & Max
French Revolution _ Agent Provocateur
Downramp _ Shifting the Blame
Rickshaw Dolly _ Shifting the Blame
Rickshaw Dolly _ Shifting the Blame
Wobbling up High _ Shifting the Blame
Safety First _ Shifting the Blame
Easy Rig _ Shifting the Blame
Easy Rig _ Shifting the Blame
Steadicam _ Sibel & Max
Slider _ Der Bergdoktor
Trailer _ Der Bergdoktor

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French Revolution _ Agent Provocateur